The Alternate Compass – Paperback (Autographed)


The Alternate Compass – A Craft Course On An Ironhorse takes you on a geographic journey in a saddle over fully mapped less traveled roads that provide both breath-taking scenery and a little history, while culminating the day’s journey at a micro-brewery destination, supporting and celebrating the local culture one sip at a time.

In the end, a memory is time well spent while a dream is left in the pillow. Some of the best memories are the places you’ve seen, the people you’ve met, and the friendships you’ve built.

Alternate your compass and let the journey begin!

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The Alternate Compass Jersey is a little different twist or take on the 21 Stage Tour de France concept. The 21 stages of The Alternate Compass – A Craft Course On An Ironhorse, are not based on your physical racing skills or desire to stress and taxi the body to its limit on each stage, rather each stage symbolizes time well spent discovering America at your own pace.

Today there are more craft beer flavors to choose from than coffee flavors that are now being brewed right here in America. Now all you have to do is saddle up your ironhorse and find them. So why not test the palate after a refreshing days ride?

What better way to get educated and enjoy the local culture and prepare for the next journey amongst true friends?

Let Your Journey for the Coveted Jersey Begin!


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