The Alternate Compass – Hardcover (Autographed)


The Alternate Compass –  A Craft Course On An Ironhorse takes you on a geographic journey in a saddle over less traveled roads, providing breath-taking scenery and a little history, while culminating the day’s journey at a micro-brewery destination, supporting and celebrating the local culture one sip at a time.

The journey from the saddle consists of 21 fully mapped unique stages that cover much of the Lower 48, averaging roughly two hundred fifty miles each.

  • 3 North Central
  • 8 Mountain
  • 4 Pacific
  • 3 Northeast
  • 2 Southeast
  • 1 South Central

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The twenty-one Alternate Compass stages can be selectively chosen to support a weekend adventure, a longer vacation, and can also be logged until you have completed all twenty-one stages. Should you complete all twenty-one stages, you are deemed worthy of the coveted Alternate Compass jersey.

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