A Craft Course on an Ironhorse

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The Alternate Compass: Saddle Up on that Ironhorse! New Autobiography & Travel Guide Explores “Roads Less-Travelled” U.S. Adventure

Steve A. Anderson’s ‘The Alternate Compass – A Craft Course On An Ironhorse’ does away with Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway, instead empowering readers to ride a unique 21-stage, journey and explore America at their own pace. Anderson has already driven the length of the routes he created and, in his new book, engrosses readers in the breath-taking scenery, fascinating history and nightly trips to an eclectic array of microbreweries; experiences that could only be had on less-travelled roads. Readers can now follow in his footsteps, and critics have already hailed the volume “A must-have guide for all riders”.

Looking back on his epic 21,000-mile motorcycle adventure across the United States, Steve A. Anderson is full to the brim with memories of quirky history, scenery that looks like it walked out of a movie and some of the best micro-brews any beer lover could dream of. But, strangely enough, none of this came from visiting places that are well and truly “on the map”.

Anderson is a free spirit who embraces the “roads less travelled” culture, getting his riding kicks from routes that wouldn’t instantly jump out at riders as obvious ports of call. In his new book, Anderson takes readers on a twenty-one stage tour of the nation, inspiring them to do the same.

‘The Alternate Compass – A Craft Course On An Ironhorse’ is chocked-full of ideas for weekend getaways, week-long escapes from reality of even large-scale, multi-week biker pilgrimages. And the best bit? They’ll wind up in a different microbrewery every evening!


The Alternate Compass – A Craft Course On An Ironhorse takes you on a geographic journey in a saddle over less traveled roads, providing breath-taking scenery and a little history, while culminating the day’s journey at a micro-brewery destination, supporting and celebrating the local culture one sip at a time. The journey from the saddle consists of 21 unique stages that cover much of the Lower 48, averaging roughly two hundred fifty miles each: 3 North Central, 8 Mountain, 4 Pacific, 3 Northeast, 2 Southeast, and 1 South Central. The twenty-one Alternate Compass stages can be selectively chosen to support a weekend adventure, a longer vacation, and can also be logged until you have completed all twenty-one stages. Should you complete all twenty-one stages, you are deemed worthy of the coveted Alternate Compass jersey.

“This is a motorcycle-themed twist on the Tour de France’s 21-stage concept,” explains Anderson. “Each day is around 250-miles in length and is designed to allow readers to explore the nation and embrace the scenery, culture and beers that you can only find off the beaten track of major highways and tourist-crammed back-roads, in small communities that will leave a big impression. I can attest to the fact that life’s best memories come from the unconventional places you’ve seen, people you’ve met and lifelong friends made along the way. And now you can enjoy it all while sampling some of the best beers in the world; micro-brews made right here in America!”

Continuing, “The book consists of a complete journey along each of the 21 stages, including stunning photos, historical information, scenic points of interest and of course a comprehensive tour of the nation’s growing micro brewing scene. Coming in full coffee-table format, it’s the perfect gift for bike junkies or those with a thirst for travel.”

Reader Feedback:

Readers have come out in force with a string of rave reviews. Phil Bolos comments, “…a well written, fun, and autobiographical introduction to riding motorcycles safely on some of the most interesting roads and routes in the United States. I found it to be very informative, humorous at just the right moments, and a noteworthy how-to in the motorcycle world.”

Ivana S. adds, “This is a richly detailed travel guide for everyone who likes ironhorses and adventure. I was enthralled from the beginning. I even envied the author’s journey. This book will definitely enhance your riding pleasure and will help you to plan your journey. The Alternate Compass was created to assist you in documenting your discovery of America from a saddle and guide you throughout the United States, suggesting unique less-traveled route that offer exceptional scenery, a unique environment and must-see point of interest.”

‘The Alternate Compass – A Craft Course On An Ironhorse’ is available now: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0996478108.

About the author, in his own words:

I have written many technical publications while working in the large transport aviation industry in systems engineering requirements but never had the opportunity to take the time to script my personal passions and interests. My focus all really started back in 1996 with the convincing of my wife, Lea, to refinance the mortgage on the house (My wife pays the mortgage bill). In the process, I saw to it that the refinancing would also include the funds for a new Harley Softail. Six months later, it dawned on my wife that she actually was now paying for the Harley too.

The Alternate Compass – A Craft Course on an Ironhorse is dedicated to those that ride the less traveled road, enjoying their craft for the health of it.


“Fun is to experience things you would not have been able to experience in any other setting.”  – Mike Krzyzewski

Saddle up and enjoy the ride as Steamboat captures the discovery of America on two wheels in his newly released  book.

Cheers To Your Journey!